SCANIA Air Compressor Gear Kit Scania R-Series (KNORR)


SCANIA Air Compressor Gear Kit Scania R-Series (KNORR)


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Air Compressor Gear Kit: Enhance the performance of your SCANIA R-Series truck's air compressor with our premium Air Compressor Gear Kit designed specifically for KNORR models. This high-quality kit includes all the necessary components to ensure optimal functionality and longevity of your air compressor system.

Product Specifications:

  • Compatibility: Designed for SCANIA R-Series trucks with KNORR air compressors
  • Kit Contents: Includes all the essential gears and components for a complete air compressor overhaul
  • Reliable Performance: Ensures smooth and efficient operation of the air compressor, maintaining optimal air pressure for braking systems
  • Durable Construction: Made from top-grade materials to withstand high pressures and extended use
  • Precision Fit: Engineered to fit seamlessly into the existing air compressor system, guaranteeing proper functionality
  • Enhanced Longevity: Extends the lifespan of your air compressor by replacing worn-out gears and components
  • OEM Standard: Meets or exceeds SCANIA's stringent quality standards for reliable performance
  • Easy Installation: Designed for hassle-free installation, saving you time and effort during the replacement process

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