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Weight(grams): 600

Dimension: 14 cm (Height)

Spin-on Filter, SUITABLE FOR SCANIA: 4011558910105, 1372444, 1373082, 1373082, BF7624

Key Features:

  1. Superior Filtration Efficiency: The MANN Fuel Filter WK940/12 utilizes advanced filtration technology to efficiently capture and remove harmful contaminants, such as dirt, rust, and particles, from the fuel. It ensures clean fuel reaches your engine, promoting optimal combustion and preventing fuel system clogging.

  2. Enhanced Fuel System Performance: By maintaining a clean fuel supply, the fuel filter helps optimize the performance of your fuel system. It enables proper fuel flow and injection, enhancing fuel efficiency, power output, and overall engine efficiency. Experience smoother acceleration and improved fuel economy with the MANN Fuel Filter WK940/12.

  3. Protects Fuel System Components: The fuel filter acts as a critical barrier, preventing contaminants from reaching sensitive fuel system components. By removing impurities, it helps protect fuel injectors, fuel pump, and other vital parts from damage and premature wear, extending their lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

  4. Long Service Life: The MANN Fuel Filter WK940/12 is built with durable materials and advanced filtration media, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. It is designed to withstand high operating pressures and harsh environments, providing consistent filtration efficiency over an extended service life.

  5. Easy Installation: The fuel filter is designed for easy installation, allowing for a hassle-free replacement process. It is a direct fit for MANN Parts, ensuring a precise and secure connection. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper installation and enjoy the benefits of clean fuel and optimal fuel system performance.

  6. OEM Equivalent: This fuel filter is manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications, guaranteeing compatibility and performance that matches the original part. It is designed specifically for MANN Parts, ensuring a reliable fit and efficient filtration.

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